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Event Directors must utilize the On-Line Event Sanction Request Process via The Niagara LMSC Sanctions Chair will be automatically notified when requests are placed. Following a review of the submitted information, the request will be either approved or denied.

Prior to submitting a request, the following documents should be thoroughly reviewed:

Policies specific to the Niagara LMSC:

  • Introduction to Sanctioning a meet
  • Niagara LMSC Meet Guidelines
  • Guidelines for Warm-up/Warm-down (see pg 4)
  • Meet Referee Report
  • Instructions for Preparing Meet Results
  • Submitting One Event Registrations information to the Registrar

USMS forms that you may need:

  • Pool Length Certification Form and Measurement Procedures
  • Report of (Injury) Occurrence
  • Split Notification Form

If you have any questions, please contact our Sanctions officer or review the USMS Guide to Operations. You can request to have these documents mailed to you by contacting the Sanctions chair.

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