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Wednesday, 06 November 2013 02:01

The Stacy Moor Memorial Meet at RIT wrapped up around 12:30 pm on Sunday. There were 56 swimmers in attendance. The meet results have been posted. After an early look, it appears that 10 swimmers set 15 new LMSC records! Congratulations to all record breakers and everyone who made it to the meet.

Our next Niagara LMSC sanctioned event is at Ithaca College on Saturday, December 14th for their 16th Annual SCY event. Of course, they switched facilities a two years ago when they had their new pool built and there have been over 80 swimmers at each meet since then.

There was a late bid on the Colonies Zone SCM Championship. That meet will occur the same weekend at Boston University. This event has been posted to the calendar.

In other news, Andrew Schaefer (BUMS) won the Men's 25-29 10K Postal Championship with a time of 2 hrs 23 minutes and 12 seconds. That's a long swim! Nice job, Andrew! Full 10K results are available: here.

Niagara membership total for the 2013 season: 594. This is our highest ever!


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