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Thursday, 22 September 2011 21:43

The annual USMS Convention wrapped up in Florida last weekend. A new promotional video was released:

Several new officers were appointed to the Board of Directors. Most notably, Nadine Day succeeds Jeff Moxie as the President. Nadine was previously the VP of Community Services, which will now be filled by Jody Smith.

You can read more about national appointments at this link, plus the winners of national awards.

The Swimming Saves Lives Foundation was one highlight of the Convention. The program uses USMS resources to teach children and adults how to swim. This aims to prevent drowning and promote the lifelong benefits of swimming. We encourage our members to contribute.

The National meets next year are in Greensboro, NC (SCY April 26-29) and Omaha, NE (LCM July 5-8). Complete meet information has not yet been released, but some details are available at The meets will be added to our calendar as more info comes out.

So far, there are no bids for 2011 SCM Zone Championships, which are typically hosted in December. Ithaca College has a brand new facility and continues to host their December meet, so we should have good attendance at that competition.


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